Thursday, November 3, 2011

"are you coming home on thursday? it is the greatest day of *YOUR* life after all..."

ya, thats what samuel said to me the other day. 
sadly no i won't be there, but actually he pretty much hit that right on, 
i think its pretty safe to say it was one of the greatest days of my life.
(awww shucks, look at me being all cheesy and what not)
happy birthday to the COOLEST twins i know.
seriously people. these are 2 wayyy cool kids...
they are now 15 years young. and still my best buddies.
i remember the day they were born,
(and now excuse me while i go and feel old for a minute)
and it was pretty flippin awesome.

i sure hope the day is magical you two...just not TOO magical
you kids are only 15, alright?!
ok. thanks.
awww probably one of my favorite pictures of them
gretch and damian/rory. and samuel getting his eagle. classy
oh....maybe this one IS my favorite.
you might think that I was the one turning 15...shoot dang.
Anywho. Hope you both have a most triumphant day! Don't miss me too much!!!!!!!!
Love, Your favorite big sis

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  1. awwww:) your such a nice sister.
    i <3 you!