Sunday, November 6, 2011


life has been lovely.
the past few weeks i have been off track,
but yet still busy as ever.
i decided to get some extra work in this time around, so i have been subbing lots and lots in other classes. lets just say that i love 4th grade. with my whole heart. my whole whole heart.

a few weeks ago i got to go to logan for my besties baby shower...oh what a happy day...
Kym. Katie. Karinne (and baby). Whitney
then to her surprise i am sure...the cutest little baby came exactly one week later!!!

i got to go down a week after that and meet new my favoritest baby ever.

Baby Kade!!
It was so happy to be there for a couple hours and hold a one week old baby. and it was also weird that my bestie is now a mommy. But she is so great, and that baby basically won my heart over. I can't believe i am admitting it, but i teared up a little when i had to leave...i love him! and i love karinne! ahhhhh

anyways. thats all for now. im on a pinterest kick right now...getting way too many teacher ideas....ahhh!


  1. :) awwwwwwwwwwwwww. what a cutie.

  2. you teared up? oh whit i just love you! i wish you didnt have to leave when you did! we miss you!