Sunday, November 27, 2011

it's the holiday season, oh woop dee doo!

remember this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?
well i do.
very clearly in fact.
it's weird to think that was already an entire YEAR ago!
so crazy!

but I am happy to report that this thanksgiving drive was MUCH better
and much quicker...
the 5 1/2 hour drive, went just as planned,
(although I did almost run out of is it that I got to Boise on a full tank with some to spare, and this time had to stop in snowville? thats over 100 miles difference?) whatever
it all worked out!

And it was a lovely Turkey weekend indeed!
I had to work the Mon, Tues, Wed before Thanksgiving (one of the perks of year round school) so my Boise visit was short and sweet, but it was definitely much needed.

Highlights include but are not limited to:
  • gretchen watching Lion King and thinking "Mafoose" (muh-foo-s) is a good name for her first born
    • A. thats a horrible name
    • B. its MUFASA!!! seriously? just about died laughing.
  • favorite quote of the weekend "Is there a difference between lesbians and homosapiens?" 
  • a DVR full of lifetime/hallmark/abc family christmas movies just for me to watch
  • turkey day at grandmas
  • seeing family
  • the tradition of black friday ads spread all over the floor after the turkey has been consumed
  • this year actually GOING black friday shopping
  • standing outside target for an hour
  • standing inside the checkout line for 1.5 hours to buy my happy christmas tree
  • trying to flirt with the guy standing in front of me, fail
  • mall shopping at 2 am
  • getting decked in the face by some IDIOT girl in the mall at 3 am
  • literally yelling at above mentioned idiot girl, causing her to flee in sheer terror 
  • feeling rather drowsy and delirious driving home
  • more christmas movies friday morning
  • christmas light hanging with father and samuel
  • experiencing a real like clark griswold moment...blasted lights
  • annual family christmas extravaganza till 1 am
  • more decorating and light hanging
  • more shopping
  • chats with my ma
  • another turkey dinner
  • a beautiful drive home with glee christmas and bieber christmas music :)
  • flirting with the starbucks man...thank you for making my day
  • another turkey dinner, yummmm
  • decking the halls at my apartment
oh how i LOVE the holiday season... dont you?


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  2. It seems like you are a little excited for Christmas my dear:)
    Everything on your list sounded and was amazing... except for the Bieber Christmas songs.