Saturday, September 19, 2009

music is what feelings sound life

I believe with all my heart, might, mind and soul that music is a healing power. Music can in so many ways bring joy and happiness,
I know it is truly a gift from God.

I'm so blessed to have music in my life.
I may not be very good at singing, or playing an instrument,
and all the theory stuff of music,

but I know the divine power music has over me,
and hearing wholesome and uplifting music to me is like feeling the Spirit.

Yesterday I was reminded of just how great of a power music is.
Craig Jessop spoke at Religion in Life yesterday.
He is like a celebrity to me...
I mean directing MOTAB for all those years? He rocks my world.
Well, At his devotional he spoke about the profound influence that music has had on his life, and how in turn that has influenced the lives of others.
He talked about his singing tour during the Vietnam and how they would sing to war victims and watch their eyes light up.
He talked about how his music has brought people unto the church, and how he the Spirit has been able to touch his life and the lives of others through the gift of music.
One thing he said that will stick with me was
"Music has the uniting power to transcend, it will unleash the heart and free the soul."
What a powerful statement.
What a remarkable devotional.

This same day I was able to hang out with Miss Sandra Dee
and my dear friend Amelia Bell.

We ordered pizza and watched The Soloist.
Fantastic movie.
Powerful. Beautiful.

I absolutely loved it. "Beauty is art; music is beauty."
I know just how great a power music is, but I hope I can someday help people find that power as well.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

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