Wednesday, September 2, 2009

senior year

as i type this post, i have this song running through my head...senior year. crazy stuff. i remember my high school senior year like it was just yesterday, oh those were the days. but here i am... 4th year in college. and its the most different of them all. if you remember this post, then you remember it was the mark of a lot of change. and it sure ended up being that way, but it has gone so smoothly, i couldnt ask for it any better. my roommates are cool, the rest of the girls in the building are cool, classes are great, and im having a blast. the only thing that we could use more of is some boys...once i figure that out i will let you know... but here are some pics from the semester so far :)

FOAM DANCE!! this was awesome, and scary. pretty sure i almost died of suffocation and inhalation of foam. but it was freaking rad a the same time.

after the foam dance some of Taya's friends set up a slip and slide down Old Main Hill. Holy cow! This was insane, we used soap so it was extra slippy and need-less-to say, i got some sweet battle wounds.

80's Dance! pretty much my favorite part of the year...not joke. i love ransacking the DI and finding all sorts of glorious things, then dancing the night away...pure bliss!

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah


  1. Oh Whitney. That purple eye shadow is ridiculous. Ha ha. I'm glad that the semester has had a good start.

  2. gotta love the 80's dance. oh boy.