Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so you think your weekend was the bomb?

jamming to glee. weird bankers. target pit-stop. glee reruns. red robin. ghost hunters. HSM 3. Thomas Kinkade. bacon egg and cheese breakfast. more jamming to glee. lagoon. gross expensive pizza. singing mulan at the top of your lungs. kiddie rides. acting way to young for our age. wicked. zombies. awesome pictures. autumn weather. ginormous cinnamon rolls. flashing devil horns. cotton candy. short lines. happy rides. cold toes. caramel apples. more jamming to glee. finishing thomas kinkade. wild hogs. sleeping in. target pit-stop #2. making christmas presents. yummy food. homemade potato salad. yummy food. goonies. monopoly. and you guessed it, more jamming to glee.
yes. my weekend was the bomb.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

1 comment:

  1. YES! It was an awesome weekend! This post just made my day!