Monday, October 5, 2009

you cant judge a person based on their dreams

dreams are weird.
sometimes you wake up completely freaked out
and just want your mommy.
sometimes you dont remember your dream at all.
sometimes you wake up laughing your bum off.
and wonder where on earth that came from.
last week i had one of those dreams.
i literally woke up,
turned off my alarm,
and broke into absolute laughter.
kym told me to blog about it...
so here i go

i was standing in this empty field of golden grass all alone. i decided to dance, because no one was there to see me. then all of a sudden, im flying through the air, superman style. im up in the clouds just flying through the sky, when i realize there are hundreds of other people flying too, but they are all on broomsticks. they are shocked that i don't have a broom, so they bombard me with questions as to how i do it, and just how magnificent it is.
next thing i know, im at hogwarts.
im walking through the halls of the castle when around the corner comes ron weasley and hermoine granger holding hands. they come up and give me a big high-five, and tell me how cool i am. then i turn and i see harry. (dont worry... he was a much cuter harry that daniel radcliffe is)
oh harry. it was just like in the movies, where the orchestra started playing and the scene got brighter.
pretty sure it was love at first sight.

we talked and he invited me out on his next mission. yes...his mission to try and destroy voldemort...again.
so i went.
there were dragons.
and there was a little old woman trapped on a bridge.
we saved her.
then voldemort ran away.
and i made-out with harry himself.
it was epic....and there were ACTUAL fireworks.

I woke up after this...the fireworks in my dream turned out to be the rain outside my window.
and so i laughed.

a lot.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

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