Thursday, December 17, 2009

it feels weird to type 2010

its weird how time flies,
yet can feel never-ending at the same time
i cant believe i only have 2 semesters of school ahead of me
its weird.
but i have high hopes for the coming new year
hopefully lots of happy things
and i would take lots of money too if thats an option
needless to say my horoscope promises good things.
im not usually the horoscope kind of person,
but its always interesting to take a look at :)
found at
"With Mars retrograde in your sign and opposing Jupiter and Neptune, Leo, you can expect a year of ups and downs. You're enthusiastic about the coming year, but there will be a few false starts. Mars goes direct in early March, and you'll feel more optimistic about your future in general. The Sun will enter Aries on March 20 and form a very positive connection with Mars. Don't be surprised if your relationships, career, or projects suddenly start showing more promise. The lusty month of May could bring someone new and exciting into your life. As far as your career, you might throw yourself into your job with all your strength. You enjoy planning for the future, and often the plans you make are more ambitious than the situation warrants."
souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah

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  1. Who is this person that will come into your life in the "lusty" month of may i wonder....