Wednesday, December 30, 2009

very VERY happy in the morning?

i wanted to blog about a particular dream i had last week...but didnt because it was a little silly. but once this dream came around AGAIN the other night, i knew it was blog worthy. so here you go...dont judge me

in my dream i was starting my level 3 practicum class. i walked in to a big room and was handed a piece of paper of where my assignment was. the paper said 2nd grade, teacher: WS so i went to this classroom and walked in and saw none other than Matthew Morrison (aka Mr. Shuester from Glee) now in my dream, he was just a regular teacher that was extremely delicious. and i heard triumphant love music just like in the movies. i went up to him to introduce myself and he grabbed me and gave me a big hug and kissed my forehead. i melted. then he began to call all the kids over and we went on a "magic carpet" ride where we sang songs and i got to meet all the kids. the last thing i remember was helping the kids do an activity with the giant parachute, and when we went under the parachute, he winked at me....

i was then awoken by my mom. i immediately texted kym and told her that i had never woken up that happy in my whole life.
im assuming she just laughed at me.
but i was indeed very happy

or so i thought

a few days later, i was even HAPPIER
apparently i really really like dreaming about matthew morrison and being a teacher, because the same thing happened again.

this time i was the student teacher and they were 5th grade students. i was teaching a science lesson on the solar system and one kid was telling me how his dad thinks there is an extra planet named pluto and he doesnt understand what he is talking about. so i begin explaining, and i look to the back of the room and there is matthew morrison looking at me and smiling at me. once again, i melt. i become very distracted and the kids start getting rowdy, but matthew morrison and i are still gazing into eachothers eyes... (i know, cheezy yes. can i help it, no)...then all of a sudden some kid throws an eraser and it hits me in the eye. i freak out and matthew morrison comes running over to help me. he tells me where the nearest bathroom is, and the next thing i know, im driving to a bathroom not being able to see with my eye gushing tears. eventually as im rinsing my eye out, he shows up and asks if im okay. i say yes, and he asks if he can look at my eye, as he grabs my face, he kisses my eye. i start laughing and then i realize that he is married to emma pillsbury (character on glee) and walk away from him. and he then laughs and says only on tv. he then grabs my hand. and we walk to his red jeep. no joke.
and that was the day i woke up extremely happy

p.s. season 1 volume 1 came today. i screamed and probably would have hugged the ups man if i would have seen him. but instead i just frightened my mom and sister.
souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah