Thursday, March 11, 2010

BFF teachers

today was the LAST DAY OF CLASSES!!!
it was exceptional.
people brought cookies and donuts,
and we didn't pay attention to one ounce of the math lesson
its quite exciting...

its a pretty big deal to have survived level 3 without ripping out my hair
or slitting my own throat
(OR ripping and slitting the hair and throats of others for that matter)
so i find it cause for celebration.
its true that after spring break i start practicum
and will in fact be BUSIER than i have been
but taking this one day at a time,
and for now i celebrate.
it will be nice to not have to see some people...
actually it will be
the greatest blessing ever
to not have to see some people for 8 hours a day.
but i will miss some of fellow level 3's.
we did create our facebook group so we can communicate regularly
and we decided on having 'weekly meetings' so we can see each other
the best plan of all came during the previous mentioned math class...
jodi, makenna, cari, and i decided that after student teaching,
we are all moving to snowflake, arizona

(...we are going to drag amanda and gwen there with us
but they don't know this yet)
we will be getting jobs in the same school
and moving into a neighborhood where our four houses will connect in the backyard.
all of our children will frolick in the backyard together
we will have a swimming pool, fire pit, and a deck for BBQ's
we will share lesson plans,
and a cricut cutter so we can create the greatest bulletin boards and activities the state of arizona has ever seen.
and we will live happily ever after.
until we are old and crazy

its a plan.
makenna and i just have to find husbands first...
but it will happen!
dont you fret.

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah

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