Tuesday, March 23, 2010

list of thoughts. in no particular order

1. first grade is not my calling in life. 2nd-5th is. at least that is after spending 2 days
in the 1st grade...maybe that will change...but maybe not.

2. i want to redo my blog design. i wont because i do it too often. but im just putting it out there.

3. i just finished the nicholas sparks book "the last song" and it was amazing. judge me if you want...but im excited for the movie

4. i'm currently at work copying every episode of the magic school bus, bill nye the science guy, arthur, and reading rainbow onto my external hard drive. i feel awesome.

5. i still feel cool when i eat lunch in the teachers lounge.

6. im now reading "the hunger games" by suzanne collins. only 21 pages in and its so intense i dont think i blinnked.

7. the herald journal did a presentation at the school today. they showed the students their website and all the cool things that they can learn from the news. when a picture of aggie basketball popped up, they literally screamed at the top of their lungs. it filled me with joy.

8. kassie is already collecting rocks to paint this summer at camp...she is my hero.

9. april is going to be a BUSY month. (and im going to be out of town almost every weekend! goodness.)

10. i will never have to pay for music again. the amazing things you learn working in a computer lab.

11. i have always hated purple. i fear i am now obsessed, and have bought 4 purple shirts and a purple purse in the past couple months. who knew.

12. if one more person announces they are engaged or pregnant this month...a definite congratulations!, but seriously? im feeling like a minority.

13. health care. there are pros and cons to everything. including this. i vote people should research before they voice an opinion. thats all im going to say.

14. i want to watch HSM3, and new moon...deal with it

15. i saw the man of my dreams yesterday. twice. once at smiths then at subway 20 minutes later. i think its meant to be. too bad i just stared at him and stood there gaping at his beauty the entire time.

16. finished alma. i mean i have several times before, but its always a feeling of accomplishment if you ask me.

17. i keep adding to my bucketlist. i should probably start attempting to cross some off

18. i had a dream in black and white last week. i didnt realize it was in black and white until a couple days later...now i realize thats a 1st for me.

19. i think thats all for now. this is probably a really stupid post. but thats just how my brain was working today...

20. oh wait...enjoy this picture. cause i sure do

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah


  1. music for free? care to share the secret?!

  2. #4 - LUCKY!!
    #5 - :D
    #11 - Purple is fantastic
    #12 - I'm with you
    #15 - I hope you see him again!
    #17 - You should post your bucket list some time
    #18 - I don't think I ever have - but that's cool!

  3. I think this is your greatest post ever!!!! P.S. I miss you and am so excited to go shopping on Friday!

  4. haha sara of course i will let you in on the secret...its a piece of software you download, and its kind of confusing the 1st time so i will have to show you. but basically its brilliant. seriously.

    kylie. i <3 you. all i can see is i hope i see him again too...i really do. oh and i may just have to post my bucket list some day. some of them are pretty random though...

    kym! i miss you too. i dont like that its been five billion years. haha im so excited for this weekend! hooray!