Thursday, March 25, 2010


i have been putting this post off for sometime, simply because i do in fact love spring.
a lot. and im SOOOO grateful it is here
but its summer that im longing for.
i wish there was a way spring and summer could mix together, and we could avoid the flowers dying, and the temperatures in which we feel as if we are melting, but at the same time, i love it. the swimming, the no school, the air conditioner blasting, the sleeping in (sometimes) the warm summer nights, the free snow cones, the awesome summer concerts, the bbq's, the parades, and the living in boise.
i have been reminiscing of the following for quite some time now...
boy i hope summer comes soon:

my awesome job. with awesome people. and the weirdest and greatest campers ever.

visiting my bosom friends and going on stellar adventures....

and living this was my glorious closure to a fantastic summer. it was september, and summer was trying to hang on for as long as possible...this was in fact one of the happiest nights of my life :)

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah

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