Monday, March 1, 2010

today is good

today has been a good day
and im not really sure why
i mean i know i dont have to a have a reason for the day to be good
but with how my semester has been going,
i usually have to find my reasons for happiness (hence my other blog)
but today has just been one of those days that i woke up and i smiled
it could be the fact that i had no classes and got to sleep in
it could be the fact that the sun was shining and there was less snow on the ground
it could be that the birds were chirping
it could be that i stayed in my PJ's till 1 in the afternoon
it could be that i became friends with the duo at mormon bachelor pad and they challenged me to an arm wrestle
it could be that i just read Skippyjon Jones for the 50th time this weekend and topped it off with Officer Buckle and Gloria
it could be that i am so on top of it, i have hardly any homework to accomplish tonight
it could be that we included a picture of our prof in our powerpoint presentation today
it could be that yesterday was sunday and church was wonderful
it could be that gwen was playing cello suite no. 1 this morning and i could hear it through the walls
it could be that my computer has been bombarded with the itunes virus, but im willing to accept that
it could be that the return of mr shuester is only 43 days away
it could be the fact that i won an eiffel tower t-shirt for only .49 cents
it could be a number of things
all that matters is that today is happy :)

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah