Tuesday, April 20, 2010

stupid plate tectonics

this absolute obsession for tyler ward is getting a little out of control
but i just cant help it when he does awesome things like this and this

last week,
i was blogging during the earthquake.
yes there was an earthquake here in little old logan
and it caused me to feel a strange sea sick feeling for a good 2 hours
when i told my mom about it she at first didnt belive me,
then she said "well dont die, you have to come home tomorrow"
thanks ma
then i tol my little bro samuel
he said "gosh! stupid plate tectonics are ruining our lives"

going home 3 weeks before the semester ends in NOT a good idea
it was not easy to leave
not easy at all

my i-pod of life has been found
sooo glad.
soooooooooo glad.

where is my school-related motivation?
where did it all go?
i have motivation to do other things
like sleep, blog, waste time on facebook,
watch movies, and sleep some more
but school motivation is very much gone

in my mind im planning summer camp activities
which is not good cause i still have a good
5 or so lesson plans to write in the next 2 weeks
but all i want to do is think about fairmont pool days,
samoa ball, battle ball, and field trips to the discovery center

kym brought me a subway sandwhich today at work.
love her.

pretty sure its a good thing i am moving to salt lake
because i sure have been traveling that way a lot lately
and will continue to do so this weekend
and next weekend
and one weekend in may
and one weekened in june
and probably one weekend in july

i want to do something stellar for birthday number twenty two this summer

the fact that glee was on tonight
and i was STUCK at work
was torture.

this one time i went tanning a lot in one week becuase it was spring break
i got really dark.
then real life started over again
im no longer dark

my boss (for my summer job)
called me a facebook junkie.

sara really explained our friendship best when she said
"its like hanging out with myself, only theres 2 of me!"
gosh sara. get your own personality ;)
love it!

alright. thats enough of my really pointless ramblings.
enjoy this picture
and have a superb evening.
i gotta go watch glee


  1. are you still working at playcamp? i miss those summers...

  2. ha sure am. i probably will until i die. i love it too much