Thursday, April 8, 2010


my brother texted me and it simply said "jambo...this is samuel"
i think i laughed for a good 15 minutes.
that kid is awesome

tomorrow is fruitcake friday.
and following that is stupendous saturday.
basically just a wonderful weekend will soon unfold

i need a sewing machine.
first thing im doing when i get home
is making several of these

i really want to pre-order this
i have previewed several songs
and already know it will be the new
soundtrack of my summer

4 days. 4 days. 4 days!
i may or may not have switched my shift for the occasion.
dont underestimate the power of obsession.
it completely overtakes you :P

in high school, i was mocked for my closet full 
of every colored flip flop that old navy produced
(that is no exaggeration. i have sources that could confirm)
and wearing 500 braclets that matched my outfits.
i heart flip flops.
and i totally whipped out my stash of bracelets.
i forgot how awesome they are.

the finale of gilmore girls
will never cease to cause tears upon tears to stream down my face
followed by an extremely unsettling feeling
which turns into anger at the fact that the show should 
NOT have ended that way.
which in the end leads to vicarious amounts of time
surfing the internet in hopes of a GG revival.
no good.

this thing is pretty legit.
but im sure i dont have to tell anyone that.
it pretty much speaks for itself.

i planned and wrote an entire science unit today for 1st graders.
as annoying and time consuming as it was...
it was kind of fun
*dont hold me to that statement*

seriously, these books are really fantastic
i dont know if i can wait 136 days for number 3.
book number 2 only took my 5 hours to read
because its just that good.
#3 better not disappoint. 

i created a piano, relaxing, classical station on pandora.
i named it 'study/sleep...take your pick'
as for now, i chose to sleep.
good night world.


  1. A skirt with an elastic band! That's what I'll need this summer as I uh...expand in the most disturbing manner. haha!

  2. i just spent way too long looking at that blog...such cute stuff!

  3. I wanna make that skirt too! Now I'm gonna have to buy a sewing machine. Plus that CD. Must have! Or at least I must download to my iPod. Oh and I'm constantly battling myself over the iPad. I know it's better to wait til the version 1.0 kinks are ironed out but waiting is soooooooooo hard!!!

    Love, love, love your blog!

  4. yay! lets have a giant skirt making party! haha im soooooo excited to make one or twenty! <3