Thursday, April 1, 2010


more goodness!
its been an entire 2 months since this was released and i had no clue!
all this wasted time
that i could have been listening to the stellar EP
including 6 fantabulous songs.
dang. i better make up for lost time!
i already love orange colored sky simply because it reminds me of these days:

happy days.
we performed this song at the gene harris jazz festival in sun valley.
by far the best trip of all time.
i miss these people.
and i miss these times.


  1. Can i just tell you how happy it made me when I came on to your blog, and then Sweet Disposition came on. So happy. My day is made now. haha GOOD CHOICE!!!!

  2. ahhhh i LOVE that song. it was in entirely the song that ruled my summer. haha im so glad it made your day! :)