Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 things from today

1. tomorrow is my last day in 1st grade! hoorah! im taking the kids pencils and smarties..haha im so weird

2. freeeeee album download!! mikey wax's album "The Traveler" is pretty sweet. im a fan. go download it here. its like james blunt meets one republic meets the normal john mayer meets landon pigg meets someone else i cant think of 

3. this is why sara and i are BFF- text from sara earlier this morning: "today is the day that i 'like' everything on your wall. i laughed really hard, but didnt think about it until i got on facebook and this is what i saw:

oh how i love her...

 4. the friendly parisian has done it again folks. i love the awesomeness of todays picture. totally unique.
and just plain great. i heart the paris daily photo blog
5. my gilmore girl quote of the day said: "College is breaking my spirit. Every single day telling me things i dont know. Its making me feel stupid" nicely put Marty...aka, naked guy. 
why is it that gilmore girls describes my life soooo perfectly?

6. it was decided that i will be the next mrs. frizzle. except...zirkle. bah haha it think im okay with that

7. this weekend is indeed going to be sooooo fun. dinner with my level 3 girls. sleeping in. and a really awesome photo shoot...that im sure all 12 of my blog readers will see pictures of soon enough.

8. as was posted on my facebook status last night, i realized that i have neglected my fish for approximately 3 weeks....king george is still emily said, "thats what he gets for having an ELED major for an owner" amen emily. amen

9. who knew work could be so fun

10. my 'summer glow' lotion smells something like rotting milk, but im hoping it gives me a radiant brown color until summer camp starts. plus it only cost 3 bucks, so i cant really expect much.

also, i love peonies.
and im really excited for my sunflowers and red poppies to grow. 


  1. YAY! I love both of your blogs today because I am mentioned in both. We are so cool!

  2. sunflowers and poppies and :)

  3. if you do become mrs. frizzle, can i please take a ride in your magic bus? i've always wanted to :)

  4. what can i say, i'm just THAT cool, hah! someday you'll return the favor, i know it. can't wait for tonight :)

  5. haha just wait, it will sneak up and surprise you sara. you will never know when to expect it.
    and lindsay, dont worry there will be magic bus rides a plenty...i have always wanted to ride in it myself

  6. YES!! i can't wait for you to be mrs. frizzle, uh i mean zirkle...we gotta make this happen!