Sunday, April 18, 2010

stupid tradition

okay that makes 2 bouquets caught in the past year.
im beginning to think this tradition is stupid
haha its just not working!
at least i get some pretty flowers out of it.
thats something.

p.s. i have lots to blog about.
maybe someday i will have a chance to take a break from writing lesson plans
and assignments
and be able to breathe!
but for now, read my dear friend sara's blog post
on our fantastic weekend...
it was pretty stellar
and she summed it up PERFECTLY
i couldnt have dont a better job
love her! sooooo much


  1. 1. I didn't like that it said 0 Words of Encouragement.

    2. I also caught the bouquet at the last wedding I was at a few weeks ago . . . let's work on this.

  2. "words of encouragement".... Ha ha ha!
    Hold on, I lost my train of thought.
    Oh yeah! I read about your Provo weekend! Looked like a blast. Also, those flowers are pretty - and fresh flowers are never a bad thing to have in the house. (Side note: Have you seen The Proposal?)

    I digress...

  3. bah ha ha the "words of encouragement" was no way on purpose. hahaha oh man. im glad i have 2 words of encouragment though. oh goodness.

    heidi. lets do work on this. somehow? im not sure how. but lets. haha

    oh kylie! provo was a blast...(dont hold me to that statement...i will continue to go on hating byu and provo)

    as for the proposal, yes. bought it. love it. watch it often. :P
    love you!

  4. okay, i would like to feel some sort of pity for you, but i am finding it difficult since i have caught 14 bouquets since i was dubbed old enough to be considered a single lady at a wedding. i am still very single. i've been lied to.

  5. I've caught two bouquets and I'm still single too. Maybe we should stop catching them. lol!!!