Monday, July 5, 2010

courtesy of the red white and blue

(the post is entitled as such, because i thought i should make it publicly known that there is in fact ONE country song that i love. just one...sorry. so dont get your hopes up... this one song won't lead to loving other country songs, its just this one. and thats only because its a really great song.)
but any-who, i hope everyone had a swell 4th of july!
i sure did! 
i love when the 4th is on a sunday, and then we get to celebrate ALL weekend long!
my weekend was full of fun and family!!!
definitely one of the best yet...

oh. and please enjoy the following video.


  1. I'shocked that you like even one country song :) it is a classic tho. I love it!

  2. it is quite shocking, isnt it? im still surprised i admitted this to the whole world! haha or at least the 2 people that read my blog :)