Sunday, February 6, 2011

one last hoo-rah

well folks, the time has come.
the day i have been looking forward for one heck of a long time.
the day i become a real teacher.
i am so excited, a little freaked out, and very anxious about tomorrow.
this week i celebrated lots,
because i felt it was very important to have a last hoo-rah before i say goodbye to a social life
and hello to utah history, and long division.
not that you really care what i did all weekend, but here ya go:
monday: slept in, attended a fabulous ward fhe talent show, and watched the bachelor 
tuesday: went into my school for the majority of the day, cleaning, organizing, and throwing out lots of random papers and such. then went to a concert with miss emily m. which was pretty grand, just uber long :)
wednesday: slept in...again, went to lunch with liz, went to some darling little shops in sugarhouse, went to liz's parents house for groundhog dinner, (get it, ground hog-pulled pork haha) and to watch groundhog day of course
thursday: movie marathon and ultimate 4th grade planning. it was epic. i watched a few movies, and got almost 2 full weeks of school planned out. thats pretty legit. also went to a chinese new year party, and had AMAZING chinese food. awesome
friday: spent the entire day at my school. met with a parent, got all my papers copied, organized some more, met MOM and BROTHER for lunch and then they helped me move in and make my classroom look glamourous! 
saturday: ran errands, went to the teacher store :) out to lunch, visited more cute shops, walked around gateway, ate dinner, and chatted the night away with family and friends.
sunday: had a much needed talk with my mom. had to say goodbye :( went to church with liz, drove to kyms watch the pre-glee show (aka the superbowl) and THEN glee finally came back! oh thank you thank you!
it was grand.
and now i sit her in my bed. wishing sleep would come,
but alas, it doesnt.
heres to hoping i dont fall asleep teaching my students tomorrow!
ahhhh MY students!
farewell and goodnight folks. 

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