Saturday, February 12, 2011

thats my man and his legs dont work!

so.... i survived week 1 as a real life teacher. and it was AWESOME! my students are adorable, and i am seriously loving every minute. i even managed to get a wicked cold before i even started, so i feel week two will be even better.

my mom and brother came to visit last weekend, and it seriously felt like only a few hours they were here, and then they were gone. i feel jipped.

i wish there was more time in the day, simply to listen to music. sometimes i feel like i neglect all my music because i run out of time. am i insane? well yes i am, but i have accepted it.

did i mention the school district gives me a macbook to use while i teach? im in heaven. i will never go back to PCs. they are evil.

as you may have guessed by my blog design change. i am currently pretending its spring in hopes that it will just automatically become spring. because im through with winter. im ready for green grass, chirping birds, budding flowers, and flip flops. whos with me?

we had a lesson on heros this week, and i asked all the kids to write about their hero. some where really entertaining, and some were really touching. but one girl...she wrote about me. haha apparently i am doing something right during week 1? wait till next week deary...muh hahaha.

currently watching anne. no one understands the love i have for that movie. well, my mom does, but thats about it.

i found this website somewhere a few weeks ago, and i love it. sometimes things are dirty, so take that as a fair warning, but sometimes there are really magical things on there :) and im all about magical...

glees doing rent this week! rent! yes i LOVE rent! they are also doing justin beiber...oh yes. i said justin beiber.

got to hang out with miss katie on friday. i seriously love that girl, and all the good times we have together. she seriously is one of my favoritest people in the world. love.

SO i pretty much LOVE this new TW song. yes? much better than the lady gaga original. definitely.

there once were all these things in my head i knew i needed to blog about. apparently they are gone now.

oh watch this. cause i like it. a lot. (#22 is a ninja!) (i'm so overcome with love!)

thats all i have for now. peace and love.

except for the fact that i REALLY want to do this to my bike:

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  1. Justin Bieber really??? I hate Justin Beaver face. I'm not sure if I can like Glee anymore. And i hope they are not doing Rent and Beaver-face in the same episode. or else, i will be terribly disappointed. And i really like the Tyler Ward song too:D :D he-he-he And you really need to come visit me. soon. :D