Monday, February 21, 2011

three zero zero

well well well! what do we have here?....
my 300th blog post. wow-ee
i have no idea what i have really said in 300 posts...but somehow i got here
SO i figured i would mention 30 things i love, because 3 is too few, and 300 is a lot...and i have a life to get back to, so i figured 30 was as good as its gonna get
here we go! in no particular order...
  1. weekends and all the fun that comes with them
  2. my family and the awesomeness that is them
  3. true friends. the ones that know me, and love me, and understand me
  4. music. listening to it, singing it, dancing to it, studying it, sleeping to it, feeling it, so on and so forth
  5. the eiffel tower and anything french (duh)  
  6. finger nail polish. confession: my nails have been painted every single week since august. love it
  7. stupid movies
  8. my ward
  9. my roommates
  10. slippers
  11. teaching 4th grade
  12. amusing things that 4th graders like to say
  13. glee (which is another duh)
  14. red tulips
  15. facebook (guilty)
  16. veggie garden cream cheese
  17. shoes
  18. my fish king george, which i will have you know is still alive and well....thought he was a gone-r for a while there, but he is a strong little fella
  19. my scrapbooks
  20. clean kitchens, and bathrooms courtesy of yours truly
  21. sleepovers with liz, watching this movie, which i absolutely LOVE
  22. blogging as well as blog stalking...
  23. any movie set in paris.
  24. movie soundtracks. broadway soundtracks and anything else i can belt it to
  25. the fact that a paycheck is in the near future
  26. institute and my sorority
  27. the pretty mountains out my kitchen window
  28. my car and the fact that it works
  29. utah state sweatpants and sweatshirt which i wear far too often
  30. and in one month exactly it will officially be spring. i like spring
so there it is. that was actually pretty easy....i could keep going, but my computer is going to die
so there you have. thank you readers for...reading. and here's to 300 more posts! holy cow!

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