Sunday, May 22, 2011

To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are...

hello world. im back!
i dont really know why i have been blog neglecting lately, and have totally deprived all of you with something interesting to read via the blogosphere, but i can come up two excuses if you really are  dying to know?
they are:
A. my life is super duper busy, and i have to occasionally remind myself to eat and do other important things
B. i have been in this weird funk lately, where nothing seems interesting and everything in life seems weird, so therefore...nothing to blog about.
until now.
well, really nothing all that mind blowing has happened,
but the truth is, i cant stay away from my little blog for too long...and that little blog title up there is my new motto, no more weeks on funk. so here i am, and these are my random thoughts as of late....ready...begin....

everyone knows that i love rain, like more than the next person...but its hard loving rain and having to keep 23 ten year olds inside all day because its too rainy.  vicious vicious world.

so today was  "judgment day" right? roommates and i can't tell if we survived. i guess we will know at church tomorrow if we are the only ones that show up? haha (we think we are a little bit funny)

i still wish there was more time in the day simply to listen to music.

sometimes, i wish i had a boyfriend so he could help me grade papers. hahaha okay, maybe thats not the only reason, but that would be extremely helpful...just sayin hahaha

i seriously have a love/hate relationship with facebook. gotta love good old FB, but sometimes i get so annoyed. i had an explanation all typed out, but im sure that will just offend someone, so just use your imagination when i say, stop sharing more than you need to!

speaking of which, this is what just came to mind: "Roman is having an OK day, and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station. Raise the roof?" ahh funny movie.

anyways, did i mention i bought a new car? yes! and i love it. a lot. and i DIDNT completely buy a new car based on the fact that it was aggie blue...okay...maybe a little bit. shoot.

i told you i would find a new song on the album soon. well. this is definitely the one. maybe this one too. oh and the beat of this one is awesome. ahh she's amazing.

im also obsessed with this song as of late. and these guys are super super awesome!

i also like 'legit' graduated this month. which was weird because i actually in fact legit graduated like almost 5 months ago, but this was the symbolic graduation i suppose. it was lovely. i got to wear the cap and gown, traipse across the stage praying i dont trip, and take pictures will all my lovely usu friends. it was really fun, and the family all came for it, so it was a fantabulous day. yay! go aggies!

sometimes its kind of hard being the youngest teacher in the school. but i love my school and have the best job in the world, so i can deal with it.

especially because hilarious awesome things happen every day. like on wednesday when i had approximately 54 children in my classroom and a live chicken. priceless.

remember how i was so upset about not getting peeps this year? ya well my mom brought me some. she loves me :)

i hate season finales. the cliffhangers! gasp!

i am so excited for summer! there are soooo many adventures in the making, i can't even contain myself. i love summer and i love my friends!!!

and now for pictures because duh, you need pictures in every post!

 i was very happy indeed :)

 i love these girls! hooray for eled friends :)

 <3 happy


 we tried to get a jumping was difficult

 i love everything about my happy Logan place

this is one of my best friends kren. we dont know how to take serious pictures. ever.
also she is really tall. and her little surprise is coming in december and i CAN. NOT. WAIT!


its like midnight and im seriously dying. im going too bed! im too old to stay up late these days! but i promise, i will be back to my little blog more often, not that any of you care, but i just feel as if i should reassure myself. ta ta for now!


  1. glad your back i have missed you and well, i do live vicariously through you so..... blog on blog on i so love you my brown eyed girl <3

  2. Ah Earth Wind and Fire! I LOVE that song :)

  3. I think you are fantastic! I am so glad we are friends and I secretly, well I guess it's not really a secret because I am telling you but I think we are really neat and I like the pictures of us on your blog! We legitimately graduated for real! Yay for us! :)