Tuesday, May 31, 2011

mr firth and books. what else is there to love?

seriously. how true is this? ahhh i love it.
im sad at how much of my reading time has been diminished by work/teaching. and im really looking forward to finding a nice balance once things start calming down a little bit.
i just love to read, and i love escaping to a new place created by a magical book.
some friends and i have decided on doing a summer book club, which im really looking forward to.
i believe our first book is the help. which i am stoked to read.
oh the world of books.
what a magical place it is.


  1. Ah Mr Darcy! Oh I need to read that book "again". lol I'm so jealous about this summer book club but the fact that you are reading The Help makes up for that. It's such a fantastic book and I cannot wait to see the movie!

  2. well it's a good thing that i looked at this post because i completely forgot which book it is that we are reading...oops! by the way do you know when our first book club is? also, i think we should read water for elephants for the next book. :D
    (the stupid thing won't let me post with my google account)