Thursday, May 5, 2011

ferries, tulips, and a whole lotta fun

remember how i went on a glorious adventure to seattle and never shared happy details with you? i blame that on a combination of 1. i wanted to get all the pictures and 2. i was lazy and too busy cleaning my apartment and watching season 1 of ugly now that i have all the pictures, and am done with season 1, i can share with you the fantastic, thrilling, wonderful and fun filled adventures of whitney, kasidy, and sara in the pacific northwest.

we were basically traveling for 6 days. slc-boise-seattle-all around the seattle area-boise-salt lake. ya, a lot of driving is right! but we had some good chats, good laughs, and some good naps (not the driver of course). but it was definitely an adventure. i think the best game we played in the car was "tell us your whole life story" and then "sara picks songs that define the relationship that you will have with the boy you like" believe me, there were some good ones in there.

also, i think one of the best things we did overall was look for random washington boyfriends we could take back to salt lake with us. any boy we thought was cute, we quickly devised a plan of action, and then...did nothing....except imagine that the glorious meet-cute had actually worked out, and we would be planning an october wedding. sounds thrilling eh? well i assure you it was. there were lots of potential meet-cutes (if you dont know what this means...see here. its what every girl wants badly), but sadly we are now back in SLC and not a single one of them came back with us. i found one at the EMP (experience music project museum) which i thought was perfect...but it ended there. i also had one planned out in my head... as we sat waiting for the monorail, i imagined a dashing young man accidentally tripping and falling down into the tracks, where i would in turn jump down and save him but he would have a bad head injury and then long story short, i would fall in love with his amazingly amazing brother while he was sleeping. one can only dream right?

so, im sure you are super bored with my ramblings, and just want to see pictures right? so first things first, remember this post where i mentioned a bucketlist item? well, that came true and it was definitely the highlight for me. and that ladies and gentlemen was the skagit valley tulip festival. oh my own little slice of heaven on earth...just wish i could have shared it with my ma too :)

another great adventure was getting to take our roommate liz with us. well kind of...real liz had to work so we took 'flat liz' to seattle know, like flat stanley? well, it was fun. its hard to remember to get pictures with your flat friend, but she sure enjoyed the sights! yay liz! liz hooray!

there were indeed many adventures had on this glorious trip. we played lots, ate amazing food (seriously, we vowed to only eat at trendy washington-esque places and it was glorious) we stayed with basically complete strangers who were in fact some of the nicest people in the world, took lots of jumping pictures, made several twilight/vampire references, slept like little babies at night, and just had a grand old time. can i please go back tomorrow? thanks. appreciate it :)

i also kind of crossed off another bucketlist item...orcas island! i have always wanted to go, and that folks is exactly what we did. now, what i really want is to spend an entire week on orcas island sailing, relaxing and whale watching, but the fact that we went and drove around the entire island (literally) was magical and filled me with see, i love ferries. a lot a lot. as mcdreamy said in the very first season of greys "theres this thing i have for ferries..." im with you buddy. also, i have an obsession with this movie and have for...a long time. and although the movie was not filmed on orcas island, thats where its takes place. so, hopefully my week on orcas island will come someday, and preferably with my own version of patrick dempsey, because apparently thats where my obsession lies...whatever.

seriously folks. the entire week was great. and if you are planning a trip up yonder, make sure and hit up some of my new favorite sights and eateries. silence heart nest (yes that is the name of it, and clearly part of what makes it amazing) also, the pink door, ivars (classic, but a must), and so many more.


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  1. Boo! I'm so jealous! That's so unfair I couldn't go but I'm glad you had a fantastic time. Next time I am going! :)