Thursday, April 2, 2009

I want to step out Down the Champs-Élysées, From the Arch of Triumph To the Petit Palais.

I watch this movie once a month at least, usually by myself while scrap booking because its my special 'me' time. This movie speaks to me, silly I know, but it brings me such joy, I cant even begin to tell you. haha I just wish life really was like this:
First off, I believe life really should be a musical. I think I could express myself soooo much better if I could just sing what I felt. haha We used to do this all the time in high school (with my amazing choir friends) we would just make life a musical and sing our conversations. We got some of the strangest looks, but it was so fun and strangely gratifying. haha
Second of all... In Paris. haha Now I am proud to be an American, dont get me wrong, but sometimes I think I was born in the wrong Country and the wrong era. I was definitely supposed to live in Paris in the 1920s or even the 1950s. Singing and dancing under the Eiffel Tower is what I was meant to do...I will be there soon though...dont you even worry.

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