Tuesday, April 28, 2009

oh life

its finals week...yippee. NOT. this week is horrid. I hate taking tests, I enjoy going to the dentist more that taking tests. no joke. But here I am suffering through a week of torture like everyone else. On Sunday, I became very discouraged with the thought of this very disgusting week, so I needed some words of wisdom. I came across these two quotes by the leaders of our Church, and was instantly comforted. Its amazing how the Lord works and how he helps us feel of His comfort through words of reassurance. I thought someone might enjoy this too:

“You know what life is for, what it’s about, that you’re part of an eternal plan, that you lived with purpose before you came to this life, that this life is a mission and not just a career, and that we will step over the veil someday but keep on going and growing. I don’t know of anybody in the world who has the concept of the meaning of life that we have as a result of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ” (young adult fireside, San Diego, California, 24 Mar. 1996).

“I want to say to young women here today, do not ever have any inferiority complex about your place in this world in which you live. You are a daughter of God, and I am satisfied that our Father in Heaven loves His daughters as much as He loves His sons. You hold up your heads and stand tall and walk in righteousness and faith and virtue and truth, and do not let anybody put you down or sell you short. You are daughters of God. Live worthy of your divine inheritance, my beloved young women. You are not inferior in any sense. Under the gospel plan you are daughters of God. Each of us has our place in the great divine plan, and we ought to magnify the calling and the field and the assignment and the qualities of good which we have within us” (Ricks College regional conference, Rexburg, Idaho, 29 Oct. 1995).

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