Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sunsets and photography

There is something inspiring and moving in a sunset. Its the end of a day. Whether it was a long day, and rough day, or the best day of your life, the sunset can always brighten it up right before it darkens everything.

Another thing I love is taking pictures. I often get made fun of because I always have my camera. Always. People think its funny...I think its smart. A couple weeks ago I felt very smart. Because on one glorious Friday afternoon, there was a sunset. A beautiful sunset. I was driving down 400 North, and I immediately whipped my car around and ran out to capture this painting in the sky. Of course a camera never does a whole lots of justice when the real life thing is of such magnitude, but it made me happy anyways.

Another thing I love is the 'A'. They say "Once and Aggie, Always an Aggie," and I believe that to be true. Logan is my home away from home. I always get excited driving back into Logan once I see the Temple and the 'A'. I don't think I will ever stop loving this place :)

so here are some pictures that capture all of these happy things that I love...

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