Saturday, May 22, 2010

a disgusting display of affection

in case you didnt know,
i really love jason mraz.
a lot.
like maybe semi obsessed.
or overly obsessed.
i guess it depends on how you look at it.
after his latest album release in 2008
i thought my love for this man could never be anymore.
i mean the words! the music! the emotions!
its a phenomenal album.
and then i saw him live.
it was magical.
and happy.
and my love grew ten bazillion times more.
then a few weeks ago I had another discovery.
jason mraz lives on an avocado farm.
how can my heart hold any more love for this man?
well i am here to assure you that this avocado farm/ranch...whatever you call it
sealed the deal.
someday some guy will have to be pretty fantastic
if he thinks he is going to take jason's place in my heart.
im just sayin'

um...check out jason mraz's latest blog post.
awesome? yes.
makes my heart happy? yes.

Why is it easier to affirm “something’s wrong” than to say “everything’s great?”
Isn’t it strange for us to say, “I’m lazy. I’m fat. I’m no good,” thereby creating our life experience to be one that is late, tired, and worthless. Leave it to our egos to keep us in that small game and hold us back. If you haven’t started yet, I invite you take on affirmations that brighten your day. Create a bigger life for yourself simple by saying things like, “I am tireless, perfect being. I have access to everything and I am complete.”

Check out Jessica’s Daily Affirmation. She’s got it all figured out.

Go shout everything you love about you.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am whole. I am stoked. I love this day. I love my job. I love my sisters. I love my brother. I love my cats. I love my city. I love my state. I love my songs. I love my keyboard. I love my curly hair. I love the grey one in my beard. I love that this is what my life looks like. I love you! -Jason

can you see why i love this man?
im ordering this next to let everyone know how much i heart him.


  1. you didn't know he lived on an avacado farm?! I thought you did? I saw him on a talk show..I think it was rachael a year ago and he was talking about it. I feel like I have deprived you of essential information haha

  2. haha ya i didnt know until a month or so ago. i was definitely very pleased when i found out :)