Monday, May 17, 2010

this place rocks!

why yes i DID intend for that awesome pun in the post title...
totally spent the weekend in moab
and it was too awesome.
like seriously, i could hardly contain myself most times.
i was so mesmerized by the infinite beauty 
and how amazing and majestic the entire area is.
it was definitely a happy weekend
full of silliness
meaningful conversation
(as well as really entertaining conversations)
good food
great people
and just an all around wonderful time.
i will try not to go too overboard with posting pictures...but i make no promises
 first stop...north and south window arches :)
 this picture fills me with joyyy
 sleeping under the stars <3
 we made it!
 we really loved 'Cairn/Karen'
 having fun at 'double o' arch
shopping "downtown moab"
i bought a pretty legit moab shirt
and a stellar sticker for my waterbottle.

*weekened highlights...(warning, these are mostly inside jokes...i apologize)
'hey cow i ate you! wait no i didnt. wait...what is roast?'
'its for a good cause'
'dear sand. dear sun. dear clouds. dear rain. dear river. dear...'
'i really want to do something rebellious, like climb a tree, or go hiking..'
'jen is caressing my hand, and it should worry me...'
'stop it! im just laying here thinking!'
<3 it sure was a great weekend.
and it ended with our wedding shower for katie, 
which i dont have pictures of,
but just believe me when i say we had a grand time!


  1. ahhh i'm so jealous! moab is WONDROUS!

  2. Those are awesome pictures! I just got back from Moab too! What a fun town!!!!

  3. I had the best weekend of my life in Moab. Seriously the best... so far! Your pictures make me so, so, so happy!!!! Moab is a magical place!

  4. Ahhhh its seriously was such a wonderful trip! I want to go back right now!