Monday, May 31, 2010

one of those 'ahh ha' moments

we have all been through it.
the never ending 'what am i doing with my life'
the 'is this really for me?'
and the 'what am i getting myself into?'
moments that kind of make you want to pull your hair out and run away and hide in a dark corner.
i have had my share of these moments.
especially within the past year as i have really been immersed in to college courses that really gave me a taste of the 'this is what i will be doing for the next billion years' feeling
its hard to make decisions. 
and then even when you do make decisions, its hard to feel confident that its the right choice.
i am really good at second guessing myself. and freaking myself out and changing my mind far too often.
i mean, i know i want to be a teacher,
but its easy to get caught up in the pressure of
'can i do this?'
'do i really enjoy this?'
'is this really what i should be doing right now?'
all i have to say is being a grown up is kind of tough.
but tonight i was blessed with an 'ahhh ha' moment.
it came as a surprise. it came at a much needed time. and it was in the form of a movie trailer.
huh? yes. this movie trailer had me in tears.
what a powerful film this will be.
just watching this filled me with all sorts of  'i can do this' feelings.
i want to make a change.
i want to make a difference in even just one kids life.
i want to help shape a better tomorrow.
its the little things like this, that make me realize im doing the right thing with my life.
its a great feeling these 'ahh ha' moments.
im quite the fan.

i made a pledge to see this film 'Waiting for Superman'
and i really hope you will too

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  1. you will be one of those amazing teachers that changes kids lives, just because you are so enthusiastic and caring. lucky kids! maybe i'll send my kids to your school someday. :) you're amazing! I love you! :D