Saturday, May 1, 2010

dear miss ward...

hopefully this post doesn't come across as snotty/self-centered/'look at me, look at me', because the sole purpose of this is to for entertainment. i mean i laughed i lot, so hopefully you awesome readers do as well.

these are some of the most entertaining letters i have ever received.of course i had to decode invented spelling, which is probably the best part about reading this...oh wait, scratch that, the pictures they drew are fantastic. 

'best teacher ever grand prize goes to miss ward. this is the best laffy taffy joke i ever had miss ward. why did the old lady put roller blades on her rocking chair?...because she wanted to rock and roll. this is for you miss ward. a big hug'

'i miss you so much miss ward. i wish you could still be a teacher and your so nice i wish i could be your daughter.'

'good by miss ward. you are the best teacher in the whole whole whole world'

'you earned a gold medal. i like you miss ward'

'dear miss ward. you were a great teacher. you teach good. i wish i could see you again. i will never forget you.

'miss ward i am sad because you are leaving. i hope you are safe. i love you.'

'miss ward can be a good teacher when she graduate. i love her.'

'you make me very happy'

'miss ward. i like dogs'

'thank you. you are pretty. look at my cat picture.'

'miss ward is nice. thank you for helping me learn'

*plus a variety of i love yous and i like yous. from students who weren't so thrilled about having to write anything and just wanted to color.*

oh man. nothing like cards from a slew of 7 year olds to make you feel good about yourself. 
it was actually sad to have to say goodbye. 


  1. I love this!! I'm glad that it ended well after being so stressful. I also love the "thank you. you are pretty. look at my cat picture."

    Congrats, Whitney!

  2. Oh my goodness. That second one was adorable. How cute is that, that she wants to be your daughter! I'm glad it went well for you! Good luck on student teaching.