Tuesday, July 20, 2010

have a cup of sunshine

Well the newest obsession, courtesy of MUSIC 1010 is Camille Saint-Saëns: The Carnival of the Animals, particularly The Swan Movement...or The Aquarium. crap The Finale is pretty awesome too. hard to decide.

i didnt think it could ever happen, but Viva la Vida has been passed up by TWO songs on my itunes play count. coming in at number one is Glee version of Poker Face and number two is Hey Soul Sister. What am i saying, im really not that shocked...but its quite intriguing.

well, David has done it again. <3 <3 <3 well, i love it anyways :)

funny things kids said today: 
6 year old girl-'i never want to get married! that would be soooo embarrassing being in front of so many people. i wish i was a boy too so i wouldn't have to get pregnant."
13 year old boy- 'why don't girls have adams apples?'
10 year old girl-'being 21 is a fun age, there are lots of things you can go do in vegas.'

ok this suite is pretty fantastic too. just sayin.

some of you probably know that my 2 favorite foods happen to not really be foods at all. call me 4, but i just get complete satisfaction over snowcones and cotton candy. its basically total happiness to me. so when i saw this, it immediately was put on my bucket list of places to visit. i mean, COME ON!

dont worry september 21st is already marked on my calendar
AND i intend to make a paper chain this weekend :)

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  1. I am gonna ,ark it on mine too. :) hee hee! more songs:) YOu better buy a T-Shirt at the place:)