Sunday, July 25, 2010

love like its all that we know.

1. a few days ago i was sitting in my room, taking a break from homework, jamming to glee, and painting my nails with my favorite purple-y polish. all of a sudden dream on started play. this makes me quite happy, cause i heart this song and i heart matthew morrison like there is no tomorrow. well a few seconds into the song  as im belting away, i randomly look at my nail polish and see that it is named 'dream on.' few things in life could have made me that happy....

2. today as i was doing homework, i learned all about baroque period of music. you know the lively flute playing music? well, just so you know, the entire time i just kept laughing  because the whole hour lecture i listened to, all i could think of was this....

3. had the most fantastic weekend!.... bffs. sharis. giggling. sleep talking. bringing bffs to work. shopping. more shopping. seeing the best movie ever. new favorite song. shopping. yummy dinner in BODO. gallivanting around the river. picture taking. driving. random band on campus that was quite awful. mosquito bites. zac efron. sleeping in. pioneer day. BSB youtube marathon. finding my BSB cd. random short bus shuttle to the park. arriving at the park 6 hours early. cotton candy. funnel cake. sleeping in the shade. new awesome band. two of my campers showed up. watching a random cat fight right before macy gray comes on stage being surprised by how much we enjoyed macy gray. anxiously waiting. still waiting. BACKSTREETS BACK ALRIGHT. falling in love with 2 new BSB songs. shape of my heart. 'they still got it!' feeling like a twelve year old dream came true. best lemonade of my life. short bus shuttle back to the car. off to merritts. jukebox selections of the night...'dream on,' 'fat bottomed girls,' and 'does your mother know.' so tired and sunburned. must sleep. ahhhhhhh. soooo happy.

4. almost done with class #1. then...gotta get going on class #2. gahhh summer is going by too quickly. someone make it stop?

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  1. wow! whit, you make like seem like such an adventure!!