Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i love me some good music

just thought everyone should know... that i have been obsessed with this song for the past 3 weeks.
dont know why, but the music just makes me want to dance around and the lyrics just make me happy in that empowering kind of way...does that make sense? 
probably not...but i cant think of any other way to explain it. so regardless of whether i make sense or not, i just love this song. and i think you should probably check it out.

this is another one...yes it has demi lovato in it, and yes i kind of like her, and yes i still watch the disney channel frequently. is there something i should be ashamed of? ...i didnt think so.

okay one more. i found this song randomly on itunes, and now im semi obsessed.
and the best part is, i found out they are totally performing at the backstreet boys concert im going to at the end of this month. totally. awesome. 


  1. king of anything=my current theme song

  2. Hmm now I think I can say . . . remember how I love King of Anything . . . well remember how I love all of these?

  3. dear whit. i love every single one of these songs. so much. haha when i first heard endlessly a few months ago i immediately bought it on itunes. same with the others..haha. LOVE!