Sunday, July 18, 2010

more than just a quick hello

  • found the cutest apartment this weekend :) my bedroom is about the size of a closet, but im so stoked to move in!
  • although this brings up the fact that summer is almost over and i have very little crossed off my ultimate summer list. gahhhhhh where does time go.
  • this coming week brings about very happy things...number one: two of my very favoritest people are coming to see me. number two: we are going to do awesome things like this which include really awesome things like this and then probably this. and number 3: its tropical week at work, we are going iceskating (oxymoron) and im thinking of digging out my coconut bra to wear. yes?
  • why is it that you ALWAYS think of all the things you have to do right when you are about to fall asleep?
  • i really like when things work out better than expected.
  • 4 weeks of camp left...which only means 8 more free snowcones. ahhhh!
  • some things just make life that much more my igoogle homepage that takes a new clip of the eiffel tower every 10 seconds...or like firefox persons? or more specifically this persona. happy.
  • this picture was one of those 'gasp' moments for me. i dont know why. but i gasped. 
  • so glad i got to see my katie leefer/craigo this weekend. seriously. you have no idea how much i needed that...
  • call me crazy, but i kind of sort of love one of my online music classes. haha why? because i get to listen to learn about this fantastic song.(which i have to come to absolutely love) also this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one....oh heck i could go on forever! i love music!
  • favoritest text from this week? "so i was doing leg workouts in my room when i looked up and saw this picture. then i busted up laughing when i found it motivating me to do more." (sorry. im not sharing the picture fellow blog readers. just use your imagination)
  • currently washing my tye dye shirt out that we made at work last week. my swirly worked! and it makes me strangely VERY happy. 
  • the moon last night was all harvesty and orange. do you have ANY idea how much i love autumn?
  • um pretty much obsessed with this new TW song but am NOT so fond of the pretty blonde with a RING on her finger. gahhhh. i must go to CO immediately.
  • i really like this quote. :) 'Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one
  • i really. really. really. want to go see toy story 3 this week. 
  • one of my girl friends is leaving on her mission this week. best of luck Jord. you will be a fantabulous missionary!
  • facebook has been disappointing this week. 'somebody do something!' ahhhh i miss gwen
  • kym and i are considering both driving 2+ hours just so we can see this together. 
  • im thinking of making this my new might help me to be more optimistic or something :P haha
  • well i have wasted enough time for to do more music homework. happy sunday!


  1. ahhhh. beethoven's fifth symphony: third movement rocks my world. and fourth. but mostly third.

    the moldau=LOVE.

    ahhhh. i'm totally in a similar music type class right now too. love it. :)

  2. FAVORITE BLOG POST EVER. hahah I bet that text was from Kym?? hahaha:) You guys are like twins:)