Thursday, July 29, 2010

gotta find me a J-14 mag...

*hahaha remember the J-14 magazines? oh boy.*

i will flat out admit it right here and now.
i can distinctly remember having this exact picture 
(as well as several others of the same nature) 
posted on my wall, a good ten years ago.

my only question to you is...would it be weird if i did it again?
not the same picture know?
cause i mean seriously!!!
i hopped on the bandwagon and saw inception tonight.
just to figure out what everyone was talking about
and i LOVED IT
well yes, i was utterly confused for the vast majority of it
but i found it wonderfully intriguing and just plan awesome.
and so i think im going to revert back to my teeny-bopper days 
and find some leo pics
cause i will flat out admit it one more time.
im crushin on this dude again.


  1. SO intriguing, huh?? so so so stellar.

    and holy hannah he is such a stud. is there a better word to describe him? no. end of story.

  2. I love that you posted a picture of growing pains! I loved that show!

  3. oh man whitney i too have a little crush on our friend leo.

  4. :) such a good movie. such a studly man. ahhhh

  5. Me too. Me too. Me too. So totally crushing on him again... What am I saying... I must admit I have a perma-crush on Leo. He's been my fav for over a decade now.

    Whoa! What a movie! Loved it!!