Sunday, March 13, 2011

adversity does not build reveals it

i literally have sticky notes every where right now, reminding me about things i need to/want to blog about. but alas, there has been no time...
im still trying to figure out a healthy balance between teaching 4th grade, having a social life, being active in church, working out, reading, and sleeping.
and havent quite figured out the best balance.
i think im getting semi close though...
but for now, just know that my weekend was fabulous (will post more later)
and church today was indeed inspired just for me.
it was an answer to prayer, and the day had me in tears a few times.
what an amazing ward i belong to.
my heart is full today.
and im going to bed in an exhausted yet joy-ous state.
i like that feeling.
till we meet again folks.
till we meet again.

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