Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hey boys hey!

so i last posted about my friday in a nutshell right?
well it was a long post, so it was one giant nutshell, but you got the idea, right?
anyways....i can't leave out saturdays events...they were just too great as well.
the day started with only 6 hours of sleep on a saturday. for me thats a big deal,
but even after getting home from logan at 2 am, kym and i still decided to take a morning venture to park city because i had never been.
we ate breakfast at this yummy brazilian cafe, which is like 3 feet away from a ski lift (so weird) walked around the shops, decided they were too expensive, so we hit up the outlet strip. holy ginormous, and amazing. i bought several shirts, and we had so much fun! sadly i did not get any pictures...we were too busy shopping, but we had a blast regardless...and we are definitely going back soon!!!

after this adventure, i met up with girls from sorority, and we ventured to spanish fork for the festival of colors. which i have been dying to go to every year, but never had the chance! it was stellar. we listened to some bieber on the way, told stories, and laughed non stop...thats basically what happens when we all get together...the festival was ridiculously awesome, throwing colored chalk at friends and strangers, taking non stop pictures, dancing to crazy music, posing with statues, and being crazy! it was a blast to say the least.

we then went to dinner at the pizza factory somewhere between spanish fork and salt lake, made a random pit stop at a random walmart, and continued to jam to some bieber. yes yes i understand we are with it.

and now for some pictures, because they tell the story better than i can!
ahhhhhh i love my friends!!!

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