Sunday, March 20, 2011

the day starts, the day ends...

just crossed off 'go to a jazz game' on my bucketlist. the game was awesome, but the circumstances were semi crappy at times...also, totally bummed i didnt take a picture whilst at the the jazz game. better go back for round 2 sometime soon.

i have another stupid crush and it needs to go away. abra cadabra....somebody help.

totally went to st george last week and had a blast. we werent even their 24  hours, so it was semi ridiculous, but it was so fun. and the temple there is gorgeous.

this weekend included: noodles and co. target pit stop. karaoke. fake tattoos. peaces. justin beiber. a failed zoo trip. red butte cafe. south town mall. stellar forever 21 finds. gasoline spewing out of my car. my attempt at yelling at the texaco people. images in my head of my car blowing up. jamming to my ipod on random (oh the selection...) dinner with kym. and seeing one of my most favorite shows again. i love the weekends...and next week JUST MAY top it off. can. not. WAIT! yay brendan!

i think i need to confess something.
im just going to put it out there.
get it off my chest.
there i said it.
now this is not in the sense that i love him and think he's ooo ahhhh oh, so cute, because thats gross...he's only 17.
but in the sense, that i may or may not have his album, love all the songs, and really want to go see the beiber movie.
i don't really care what you think.
and yes, i realize my little sister has disowned me,
but im working through that and trying to find a solution.

today i got a voicemail from my little bro that said
"how dare you not answer when i call. if you dont call me back, i swear i will slice you with my light saber" boy i love my family.

BEST. PURCHASE. EVER!!!!! i have a feeling i will be buying several fact, these are my next ones...

i have thought a lot about happiness lately. and what it is that brings true joy. im reevaluating somethings, and boy is it grand...

can i just say...OBSESSED? totally planning a trip to see this when it comes to NYC. this song is what got me hooked. *drool*

i go off track in 3 weeks! crazy! that means i have a 4 month long 'spring break.' best job ever? i think yes. also, im being rehired to teach next year. who would have thought this semester-long move to SLC would be so long term! love it!

i can't even begin to explain how much i love my friend em, and this particular post she wrote. can you see why we get along so well?

BFABB. kym, you totally know what im talking about. yes!!!

i unpacked all my flip flops and organized them in their little spots. i smiled the whole time.

this is a dumb video, but i had this done today. trippy! doesn't hurt, and im definitely a new fan.

okay. now im going to bed, because its way past my bed time.
peace and love folks!

p.s. this is my computer background. i love it a lot...


  1. 1. i love you. a lot.
    2. i love your background. a lot.
    3. you would LOVE jb's movie. laur and i sure did. NEVER SAY NEVER.
    4. the love is totally not in a 'i want to marry you, you're so cute, i love you kind of way.' it's like a 'you're way cute, a genuinely nice guy, sweet with little kids, adorable, i love your silly songs.' kind of way. hahahahaha. i'm 13. it's fine.
    5. totally wasn't expecting to click on that link and have it send me to my own blog. i'm flattered. :)
    6. don't you toootally agree when it comes to music?? i've had some good obsessions lately.
    7. st.g is the best. it forever has my heart.
    8. i just love you.

  2. Yay for step up 3! And brendan James is is so close I can't wait!

  3. i start singing everytime i read this post title, and then i hear ramin singing along in my head, and i just melt a little. *sigh* haha, but this is altogether a lovely, fabulous post. and you are a fabulous, lovely girl! love you! :)

    And has Gretchen seen the movie? Bcuz I'm not kidding it will convert the DEVIL to be a belieber. Seen it three times.(: