Sunday, March 27, 2011

run with me down these midnight streets...

so can i just begin with saying this weekend was amazing?
great friends, lots of laughs, good music, yummy food, and just plain happiness.
i love weekends like this.
busy and blissful.
friday was the concert of all concerts.
it was 4 hours of complete and utter joy.
there is simply nothing better to me that being with people i love, and experiencing great music. each and everyone of the artists were extrememly passionate about their work, and thats what its all about to me.
the first act was a local girl, who was just taking a stab at writing and performing music. she had a great voice, nothing astounding, but i think eventually she could make it...
the second set was a girl and her guitar player, who had this fantastic voice. she never introduced herself, which we thought was weird, but after the show, turns out it was lauren pritchard who played 'ilse' in the original cast of spring awakening. yep...totally knew i recognized her from somewhere. kym and i bought her cd and talked to her for like 3 seconds. do you realize thats like meeting lea michele and johnathon groff through a proxy? HOLY AMAZING! (notice my superior stalking skills on the Spring Awakening picture...)
then came the moment i had been waiting for.... mr brendan james himself. and it was a magical 45 minutes. where i know i didnt stop smiling once. the best part was that kym, karinne and i got there an hour before the show started, and we most definitely had from row seats. literally. brendan and i locked eyes several times, and im not even exaggerating. seriously, he is an amazing artist. he is honestly FANTASTIC live, better than on record. and thats talent if you ask me...i freaking love that man.
after that matt white came on stage, with crazy robert pattinson hair, and a goofy expression. we kind of fell in love with him. i have loved a lot of his stuff ever since this song appeared on she's the man way back when. it is now the mcdonalds mcribb commercial...ya he joked about that lots. he was quite entertaining. very talented and we definitely locked eyes too. call me a dork, but it was a greattttt night.
THEN, magic happened when matt and brendan came back for a duet encore of piano can you say happy? i sure can! it was fantastic!
following this joyous moment, they got off stage, and i most definitely followed them...yup im a stalker, but i wasnt going to let the opportunity pass me by. so we got pictures with brendan and matt, and actually chatted with brendan for like 14 seconds. he told me us that he is coming back in october and we need to be there. heck yes, you better believe i will be! front row once again!
ahhhh now if that doesnt sound like the perfect friday evening, i dont know what does....

oh happy day.
(more weekend awesome-ness to come soon...stay tuned)

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  1. Sounds like a pretty amazing weekend!
    Looks like your taking me in October????? hahaha.
    Just kidding.