Sunday, March 6, 2011

i hear the sound of the ticking of clocks

i love weekends. last weekend was clearly FABULOUS. i went to my amazing sorority retreat, and seriously had the best time! so glad i joined! best decision ever!

i also got to spend saturday with my 3 best friends! we have been trying for MONTHS and MONTHS to get the 4 of us together, and it finally happened! we went to lunch, did some shopping and had a glorious time catching up. i love them sooooo much!

this weekend i hung out with kym, saw an awesome movie, and we got cheesecake, which is always a good idea.

saturday, i went running with my new butt kicking shoes, and my latest splurge i was pretty much a happy camper. (ps those shoes really do work, my legs are killing me today!) also, i have been waiting a long time for that splurge. sad something as silly as an ipod could make me so happy! but now ALL of my music is on there and i dont have to choose favorites. now no one feels left out.

i also went on a sigma date on saturday. now i dont even remember the last date i went on...apparently im un-dateable or something.... well the boy reminded me of my brother ethan, so that will never go anywhere, but we did have so much fun! went to the jazz game and they won! and got frozen yogurt. happy! i seriously am so glad i joined sigma, can i say that enough?

oh, my point in telling you how i love weekends, is that i really do LOVE weekends. i always have weekends planned at least 10 days in advance in order to ensure they are awesome. pretty sure i have every weekend in march planned out already. these weekends include, but are not limited to: seeing 'hairspray' live , making a quick adventure to saint george, seeing 'drowsy chaperone' and best of all, seeing my newest favoritest obsession. oh im going to marry him.

now, do you believe me when i say i love weekends?

also, today im having a sunday adventure with some sigma girls, dont worry im sure you will hear all about it.

here are some other thoughts that i thought of:
i think its rude that everyone knows whether or not a girl teacher is married, but there is nothing to inform you if a male teacher is married or single! there is the use of 'Ms.' but 9 times out of 10 it just means the woman is divorced, and no one uses that just doesnt seem fair to me...i mean its not like i need to

i have been having major coldplay/muse obsessions lately. i cant even explain what that music does to me. love it.

can i just say how awesome it is to get paid? its quite nice. sucks it only happens once a month, but getting paid is getting paid. yes.

i just love finger nail polish. a lot. i am building quite the collection without even really realizing it...

spring is coming, and i LOVE it! birds chirping, no more snow, sunshine, blooming flowers, ahhhhh so happy.

sometimes its still weird to me that i am a real teacher. i haven't quite wrapped my head around it, but regardless...i LOVE it! i am seriously having so much fun, and my kids are fabulous!

life is good. and thats that!


  1. I always love your posts! First of all I think you are totally "date-able". Second, I really love that song and Brendan's voice. Yes, you should marry him :) Glad you're having so much fun!

  2. i just love all of this. you are adorable. though i must say, i don't love and am jealous of the fact that you see my bestykins more than i do. not ideal.

  3. i adore that collage of siggie pics. i adore you, and i'm jealous you got a new ipod. that's my next splurge too. :)also, i about died laughing saturday night. didn't you? those three guys were hilarious, espesh at dinner and in the car to yogurt. oh goodness. :)good times! LOVE YOU!