Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birds come down from sky so blue...

do not fear! i am alive, just have neglected my blog. i went on a fantabulous roadtrip, with 2 fantabulous girlfriends, and am currently working on that post. it was an epic adventure...so it takes time. until them:

1. have i mentioned that im obsessed with Toms? ya. now own 3 pairs...and its only a matter of time until i own more. judge away.

2. i love when fantastic things happen when you least expect it. for example i randomly went to provo a few weekends ago to visit my friend jennifer. we were going to eat at some mexican resturant, but ended up going to brick oven. well it was simply meant to be, because i most definitely ran into my dear friend Emily....it was happy. i heart her.

3. i think im borderline obsessed with this song

4. is it june yet? im dying for season 3 of Drop Dead Diva

5. speaking of which....the Drop Dead Diva soundtrack just may be the BEST purchase of my life. sooooo entertaining. pretty sure this show was made for me...yep. its definite.

6. did you watch 'beyond the blackboard' last night? can't wait to get it on dvd. love stacey. love the movie. love being a teacher. happy.

7. have i mentioned that i have to buy a new bookshelf, because i have a small dvd problem? so embarassing...and so fantastic

8. spiced orange harvest people. you have until WEDNESDAY folks!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE

9. only in the LDS church would i have participated in an easter egg hunt at almost 23 years old, and hear during the opening prayer "as we search for easter eggs and feel of thy spirit" oh man gotta love it!

10. kasidy and i went to two different stores today in search of easter peeps. im quite depressed that i didnt get any at all this easter season. my favorite thing is stale peeps! sigh...

11. still off track, and currently without a car for the next week. sigh.....my apartment is going to be very clean and very well organized...just sayin

and a mini sneak peek of my fantastic adventure...

peace. love. happiness.


  1. I love drop dead diva sooooo much! However I'm still waiting to watch the second season. Netflix is a little behind the times.

  2. I love Drop Dead Diva too!
    And a small movie problem???? That's the understatement of the century