Wednesday, April 13, 2011

its been a day

today was wonderful
wonderful indeed.
"started" my day off up till 3 am having much needed 'meaningful' conversation with my dear froomie Liz. boy can we talk for hours.
then slept for a few hours, and started the morning in the best possible way.
temple baptisms with miss katie jane

oh it was glorious.
and one thing that made me happy, was that i was baptised for a women named annie, who was born on july 26, 1879
yup thats my birthday...just 109 years prior
 have i ever mentioned how i love flowers?
 the camera was accidently on cracks me up though
 oh what a beautiful day it was!
 we tried to get the flowers in our picture...we failed due to a blindingly bright sun
 i sure do love this place
then we ventured over the JSMB for some scrumptious omelets
katie went to work,
i went to the gym
i went to dinner with my froomies
and then a most epic sorority night took place.
lots of laughs. lauren's engagement announcement and flower passing. (EEEEK CONGRATS!)
and then a most entertaining 'dating panel'
oh gotta love sigma!
 these are from tuesdays random crepe night...oh yes.

and now, i top the night off with a little saturdays warrior with liz.
no one understands how much i love this movie...
okay, maybe brittany does...
(my dad doesnt understand, he's the one that hid the movie from me for so many months when i was little. rude)
did i ever mention brittany and i went and saw it on stage, followed by the premier sequel to saturday's warrior, entitled "white star" oh yes. it was epic.
i wish i could share some of the songs with you, they were that great
i know one song had lyrics that went like this:

"open up the church let's have a party bring a casserole and hire a band
everybody dance and shout for joy and sing along
set another place at the table
dont forget to bring the lamb
our brothers coming home"

obviously, some of the best lyrics ever...

and no for some ramblings...because thats what i do best
1. im literally addicted to smart water. i crave it. more than natural water...ahhh i need some now!
2. although, now that i think about it, i might just really like the bottles.... no its the actualy smart water the majority of the time
3. considering a facebook fast just to prove that i could do it...i have to ponder this though. i do have a slight addiction, maybe
4. yay for roadtrip springbreak next week!
5. being the 'unwanted' one is quite a strange feeling...not a huge fan, but i will get over it
6. i feel like i wasn't invited to sign up for the class flirty 1010. how come? i feel like that could b helping me significantly
7. it just occured to me that i have not mentioned my newest obsession. well, that obsession is most definitely this show. why yes, it does look cheesy ridiculous (but you should all know my now that those are my favorite) but honestly it is brilliants. serious, its MY kind of humor. and it is just grand. you should probably give it a try.
8. also this moment on 30 Rock was genius. pure genius.  
9.  if you have been a reader of my blog for some time, you may remember my tendency to get obsessed with american idol. notice anything different this year? ya, well thats 100% attributed to the fact that i just dont have cable...someday maybe. well the interesting part to this is that my MOTHER is the one that is obsessed. every week she tells me all about it, and its quite apparently you should vote for casey? thats what she says at least. if only i knew.
10. awkward story...i was at the gym today, in the locker room, and as im at the sink washing my hands, a girl walks out of the stall...with a pregnancy test in her hand. really? was that really the time and place? whatev!
11. today we literally experience all 4 seasons. woke up to spring, felt (and smelled) summer this afternoon, felt (and smelled) autumn around dinner time, and drove home from sigma in the snow. pardonne moi? 
12. they revealed some of the hungers games for the hunger games movie. WHAT?! i just dont know how i feel. gale is not supposed to be the pretty one. i hated GALE! and the kid whos playing peeta is only 18? i mean yes it fits with the book, but come one! sheesh. dont get me wrong, im still excited and cant wait to see it, but im just so unsure in this moment....

ten seemed like a fabulous place to stop. but you got twelve. whatevs. i gotta go to bed....
peace. love. and happiness friends!

p.s. wow this is long. oops. 


  1. Is Saturday's Warrior the one movie I came home and saw you and KAtie watching when we lived in Old Farm? The one that was like a taped stage performance?

  2. Just to let you know the other day I was looking for Saturday's Warrior to watch it, and Dad said he made you take it, so he wouldn't have to watch it.. RUDE! hahaha. adn I love the 30Rock moment!

  3. 1. me too my friend, me too. :)
    5. I WANT YOU!!!! :D this weekend was better though, huh? what'd ya think?
    12. can we please see this together? thanks. :)
    AND i love our temple square pics. those are great. :D