Wednesday, April 13, 2011

day 01 ...your favorite song

FYI- this is the 30 day song challenge. it sounded fun, so i vote its a go.

*of course the first day is clearly the hardest one ever...who really has one favorite song?
grrr. so i have very carefully and painfully narrowed it down to a few favorites.
mind you, these will most likely change tomorrow.
roll with it, thats how i work.

favorite coldplay song

favorite jason song

favorite song as of late

PHEW!!! that was hard...


  1. thanks for making my late-night (ahemmmm. now, early morning.) paper writing much more bearable with these songs in the background. and, quite frankly: relaxing. paper writing=relaxing? i know. what a paradox. but that brendan james song just hit the spot with me tonight. literally. i've played it 4 times already. and plan to hit play again. love it. so much. how i've lived without it all my life? i don't know. love your music. love you.

  2. and life in technicolor just started playing on your playlist on the side. obsessed with coldplay. love.

  3. I love that your favorite song as of late is also my favorite song as of late. Its seriously so perfectly amazing! And he is perfectly amazing :)Can't wait to hopefully see him again in October

    That's my favorite Brendan Song,
    and my favorite Jason song......
    Hmmm, copy much???