Monday, April 11, 2011

what feelings sound like

i think the passion i have for music is clearly something that i have made a point conveying on my blog. its my way of expression, whether it be what i am listening to, how i am listening to it, or what i am singing. theres just something that i feel, that i cant describe in makes me who i am. so when i saw this post by my friend lindsay, i was moved. the video is 14 some odd minutes long, but let me just tell you that i had chills the entire 14 minutes. i even teared up a little. music is such an infinite power...and how amazing is this? eric whitacre is simply a genius. watch this. you seriously won't be sorry.

you better believe virtual choir 3.0 im going to find a way to be a part of...


  1. SO many things i loved about this! I had no idea Lux Aurumuque was such a recent composition--i fell in love with it when MoTab did it with Sissel, and to learn it's composer is this youngish hot guy?! Wow. His story sounded awesome. That's what I call attractive. :D and the virtual choir thing? BEAUTIFUL. BRILLIANT. I love the internet sometimes. :) and I love TED! Everytime i see one of their videos i'm inspired. :) oh so many smiles about this! thanks whit!! :D