Sunday, April 10, 2011

"What Was THAT?! And where did all those stars come from?"

i had a blog post in the works, and i just went to finish is...and somehow its gone. i dont approve. im actually quite bothered, because i dont even remember what it said. so...i guess it wasnt important.

this week was insane. i feel like it was maybe like 2.7 weeks, when in reality it was only one. i went off track this week, and had to move out of my classroom, and teach at the same time. plus there was something going on every night. monday fhe. tuesday birthday shopping with jesika. wednesday birthday celebrating in honor of the wonderful katie jane. thursday was the end of year sigma celebration. and friday was tale of two cities (again) and playing with the girls. phew! thats a busy yet FABULOUS week! and can i just say that seeing tale of two cities again was definitely one of the highlights. i followed the story much better, since it had been so long since i had read the book, and i definitely bawled the ENTIRE second half. no joke. it didnt help that 'young gaspard' was played by one of my former students (he was adorable in it!) but his character dies, and it got to me...bad. such a beautiful and heartbreaking story, and amazing musical. im obsessed to say the least.

saturday kym came down for a visit, and we went to this charming little belgian waffle place downtown called Bruges Waffles and Frites, which was to DIE for.  holy cow. new favorite for sure. then we went and saw Kings Speech and I was honestly astounded. amazing movie, brilliantly filmed. the only part that was dumb, was how they edited it from R to PG-13. the way they did it was ridiculous, and made me kind of mad. BUT it is definitely worth seeing over and over again. and it further affirmed my love of colin firth, that has been a part of me since i was little (i know he's old...whatever) so...GO SEE IT! yay! after that we had an ikea adventure with a bunch of other girls,  and dinner at chilis. i LOVE the weekends! and i LOVE when kym comes to visit!

i finished off the night with Tangled and a sleep over in my living room with katie jane and jesika. it was lovely, but im realizing im old now and cant sleep on the floor successfully....gotta love it.

tomorrow marks my first day off track. im excited to take some 'me' time. go to the temple, the gym, and relax for a few weeks. honestly though, im definitely going to miss my kids! 4 whole weeks without their randomness?! how will i survive? haha im sure i will be ok...but it is a long time! i guess that means i love my job or something...

but needless to say, it was a fabulous, yet long week and i am exhausted. im ready for bed, and am looking forward to sleeping in a little tomorrow. hope everyone had a most triumphant week!

and now i leave you with a picture of my awesome girls and i. oh, i heart them :)

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