Sunday, April 3, 2011

cheese pie

the pile of books i have beside my bed that i will be reading while off track is exciting and overwhelming. i seriously can't wait to dive in and read for pleasure again without zonking out after two minutes.

went and saw 'tale of two cities' the musical at hale center theater this week. seriously amazing. had me in serious tears by the end. and the man who played sydney? ahhh swoon. also, add that to the top of the above mentioned list of books to read again.

seriously obsessed with this song from the show.

taking a roadtrip vacation in a few weeks and FINALLY crossing off one of my bucketlist items...stay tuned...

when a boy calls me 'whit' theres no turning back. *swoon* blast it all....

i cant honestly say 2011 is so far the best year of my life. so happy!

im becoming a nail polish addict. i buy too many new colors, and i paint my nails at least twice a week. do i need to call a number and get help, or am i ok?

mom, gretch, grandma and aunt e were in town this weekend. boy do i love family :) hate to see them go...

conference was amazing this weekend...need to catch up on a few talks that i missed, but i love how specific and applicable the talks were this session. definitely things i needed to hear and be reminded about. love it!

went and say jane eyre with mom, gretch, dott and tess. can you say amazing? wow. so well done. add that to the books to read while im off

lots of snow today. what the? why? i just want spring! i packed away my winter boots already! this is ridiculous!

also went to the carl bloch exhibit this weekend. (yes i willingly went to provo) and it was well worth it. what a beautiful glad i had the chance to see it!

cheese pie has become a staple term in our takes too long to explain...but just know thats its awesome. and off for a bit of cheese pie. happy sunday!

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