Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i love my bed
i love my 4th/5th grade class. i have missed them! and it feels so normal to be back in their class. LOVE it!
i love the brilliantly hilarious things 10 year olds day
i love teaching
i love the thought of a paycheck coming in the future
i love the fact that i have been back in the swing of things this week, like actually eating meals at the normal times of the day
i love my mom.
i love that i finally gave in and pulled out my space heater. i win. basement loses.
i love football.
i love my ward
i love that i finally feel like i have FRIENDS here
i love that above mention friends are awesome and hilarious and crazy and always planning adventures
i love the fact that im the youngest of the same above mentioned friends
i love that i dont feel old here
i love the love hate relationship i have with the gym
i love facebook
i love nail polish
i love blogging
i love my family
i love matthew morrison
i love that kym and i dont go a single day with out communicating
i love the fact that im joining an lds sorority (never thought i would ever say something like that)
i love jason mraz
i love my roommates
i love that i love my roommates. (hasnt been the case in the past)
i love that the 3rd graders still call their teacher ms ward.
i love the new josh album.
i love that glee comes back in less than a month.
i love my hand scrub that smells like christmas.
i love the personas on firefox.
i love my new favorite song. and the fact that it was a free song that i randomly downloaded on my comp and forgot about it.
i love that i labeled my TO DO list, a TA-DA list just as jason suggested.
i love adding amazing things to my bucketlist
and last but not least, i love sleep.
goodnight moon.
goodnight friends.
goodnight all.


  1. I also love that we never go a day without communicating :)

  2. :D i love the nail polish part:D because yesterday.. that is what i just put on my hotmail page.

  3. i also love that you're joining my sorority. :D !!!!!!