Wednesday, January 12, 2011

we're taking a chance, we're the lucky ones

this is clearly the greatest thing i have come across in a while:
it was definiltely the shining moment of my day.

wizard is going through classic tunes on her computer, and we keep having sparatic dance parties.
needless to say, i OWNED "the carlton" tonight. 

i have been shamelessly stalking this blog i randomly found, and i realized today that she went to USU and is definitely friends with some of my friends. i think thats freaky and awesome.
i have been teaching music all week in school and have since rememorized (im a teacher and i say yes thats a word) 'the fifty nifty united states'.as well as mastered 'god bless the usa'. 'the addams family'. and 'day-0'
dont ask me how these songs relate. i didnt make the sub plans.

life is good when you have your entire weekend, clear through monday, 
planned out on wednesday. sweet.

glee is doing a few justin bieber songs in the near future. which is semi unfortunate/semi awesome. 
unfortunate because i cant stand justin beiber the person
but awesome because some of his songs are catchy, 
but i would never admit to liking them...unless glee sang them.
case closed.

is it weird that one of the first things i want to purchase when i get paid (after bill paying and necessity shopping that is)
is a bookshelf?
and then some more underwear and socks because im bored of the ones i have?
and then some shampoo and conditioner because the stuff i have i dont like the smell of it?
and then a few books and movies that i am aching to own?
i dont know anything about priorities.

one of my dearest darlingest friends named kren emailed this to me.
she found it on her comp. a lovely picture she drew of us 3 roomies way back when.
oh the good old days....

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  1. I totally have a bookshelf you can have if you want. I got a new one a couple of weeks ago so my old black one is just sitting in my basement. Just let me know if you would like it :)